Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 13

I made the skirt into a scarf!  I know I just blew all y'alls minds.
Heading to New York/Massachusetts with the dress this weekend so watch out for that!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


Get this song for free!!  All in support of Not For Sale and their fight against Human Trafficking!  Spread the Word!

Day 10- Break the Silence for Invisible Children

Today I am representing both sex trafficking/Rahab's Hideaway and Invisible Children.
Today is Invisible Children's big event called "Break the Silence"
This is where people from all over the world stay silent for 25 hours to make a statement.
Invisible Children is an organization fighting to stop the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) from capturing and killing in East/Central Africa.  This day was created so we could use our voices by not using them at all to raise awareness and support for Invisible Children and there on going efforts to take Joseph Kony out of power and protect children from becoming child soldiers.  Here is a video of what Invisible Children is able to work on from the benefits of this day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If you see this laying around Athens...

This is a flyer that I am planting all over Athens.  If you see it pick one up, give it to a friend, and/or pass it around.  Help spread the word about the problems of sex trafficking and help support survivors of the trade!!!

Day 9

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Freedom Isn't So Bright

These are two exerts from a research essay I wrote last quarter about Sex trafficking, the glamorization of the trade, and how education is the first step to shutting down the industry.

 Imagine you are standing on a metropolitan street corner and you spot a young girl standing across the way.  Dressed provocatively, with hair messy and swollen eyes and cheeks, a car pulls up and the young girl gets in.  As you witness this act, you begin to notice the streets are littered with women and girls with similar physical descriptions.  You see parades of beaten women march in and out of rundown apartment complexes stumbling from forced alcohol drained down their throats.  Slimy men slither out of their cars shelling out pounds of money to the pimp with the youngest, and best looking girl.  Women trapped, on the verge of death, forced to be used violently as objects.  You see twenty year old women with fourth grade reading levels, twelve-year-old's on their third pregnancy and trying to survive another brutal abortion.  Forced drug addiction, constant beating, constant fear, nightly bleeding and daily pleading for a sovereign rescue.  This is not a dark future, this is the dark present.  And to the general populations surprise, this darkness not only floods foreign countries, but drowns America as well.
    The horrors of modern human slavery and sex trafficking in the United States are not in our imagination, but upon us and have been for years.  The problems of sex trafficking are taboo to discuss among our culture and we glamorize the issue rather than look at its true dark colors.  Strays, runaways, and desperate young women are prime targets.  It takes a lot of work and detail to prevent pimps from recruiting women and children into human slavery, but the first step to putting a stop to this dark present is education.  Schools, families, parents, girls, boys, men, and women, need to step out of their comfort zones, drop the denial, and open their eyes to the reality of this dark truth.


The United States is shaped by a culture that glamorizes pimping and prostitution.  This cultures tolerance of sex trafficking and prostitution is embodied in multiple venues of daily life.  Clothes, television, movies, music, video games, and all other forms of entertainment.  High schoolers, and college students are dressing up as pimps for Halloween.  There are decorations made to create a “pimp and ho” party.  Popular television programs support and produce shows such as “Pimp My Ride”, about designing automobiles with cool, new features.  Free online games are provided where you can play a pimp and “slap your hoes, pimp the street, kill the competition, and ally with friends.”  Songs like “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” get honored and receive Academy Awards. (Kotrla)  Because of this, researchers suggest that in the United States the number of children and youths entering the commercial sex trade business is growing tremendously.  Shared Hope International states this is happening “to service the demand resulting from the normalization and promotion of commercial sex across America.”  Resulting in what has become what Shared Hope International calls “a shopping mall where buyers can choose from a variety of human products of various ages and colors.” (QTD, Kotrla)  In our culture we see the life of a pimp as entertaining, glamorous, rewarding, hip, stylish, and cool.  No one takes the time to look behind the man and see hundreds of thousands of broken, drug addicted, beaten, scarred, dead, demoralized, women and children.  I guarantee none of these victims destroyed by these ‘stylish’ men would call them anything but monstrous.  As the general public chooses to close their eyes on human slavery, their ignorance keeps them from realizing that they are part of the problem.
    “We know what works. We can begin to defeat sex trafficking if we severely punish its national and multi-national profiteers, arrest its customers, offer a way out to its prisoners, and create self-respecting economic alternatives for children and women who are at risk. The question is: Will we?” (QTD, wakeuppeople)  The path to stopping modern human slavery is a long, dangerous, unappetizing road, but the first step we take on that road could save thousands of victims.  In the beginning, just being educated about the problems and issues inside the sex trade makes a significant difference to the cause of help.

Day 2 - Justin Bieber

 Featuring Meghan Ratusz's Purple Hoodie

Saturday, April 16, 2011

more photos of Day 1

Day 1

It's here!!  The dress.  I was surprised to see how many people I've run into today
who were just as excited as I was when it came in the mail.  I guess waiting for 3 months I talked about it a lot.

Now I get to officially start representing Rahab's Hideaway.  364 days and counting.  I have been practicing my responses to the questions "Didn't I see you wear that yesterday?" or "I love your dress, where did you get it?" and "I don't think I've seen you wear the same thing twice, why?"  I am looking forward to talking to people about Rahab's and the sex trade in general to people!  So ask me questions if you see me!!

This is gonna be a great year.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I know I know I know I know.

I know!  I know this ride was supposed to take off by now, but there has been a set back.  The dress hasn't come in yet!!!  I can't do an awareness project where I wear one dress...without the dress.  It's the whole point!  This dress contains my whole personal metaphor for women's suffering; fighting to escape trafficking on top of battling with self worth and inner beauty.  I want this dress to encourage women around me to be confident in themselves, their beauty and to be proud of their life altering accomplishments.  The world we live in may be throwing it's hardest punches, showing us how we are "supposed" to look, feel, and perform, but we need to put our fists up and throw them right back.  Inner beauty is something we personally control, not the media, nor anyone else.

So, the dress?  I am waiting anxiously everyday.  Checking my mail every 20 seconds with the hope to see an e-mail letting me know I have a package in the staff office of my dormitory.  Talk about a total buzz kill when all I find are junk mail and useless Facebook notifications.  Nonetheless I will sit and wait for this extreme case of fashionably late packaging and I will let all of you know when it is in.  I am sure if you live in my hall you will hear me celebrating.

Until then,

Even though I do not have the dress that doesn't mean I am not still campaigning and talking about trafficking and Rahab's Hideaway!  I would love to talk with you or answer any questions!
email -

New Donation button is up on this blog!  If you wanna get a head start and donate to Rahab's Hideaway and their efforts towards saving and healing women from the sex trade just give whatever you are comfortable giving!