Monday, April 4, 2011

I know I know I know I know.

I know!  I know this ride was supposed to take off by now, but there has been a set back.  The dress hasn't come in yet!!!  I can't do an awareness project where I wear one dress...without the dress.  It's the whole point!  This dress contains my whole personal metaphor for women's suffering; fighting to escape trafficking on top of battling with self worth and inner beauty.  I want this dress to encourage women around me to be confident in themselves, their beauty and to be proud of their life altering accomplishments.  The world we live in may be throwing it's hardest punches, showing us how we are "supposed" to look, feel, and perform, but we need to put our fists up and throw them right back.  Inner beauty is something we personally control, not the media, nor anyone else.

So, the dress?  I am waiting anxiously everyday.  Checking my mail every 20 seconds with the hope to see an e-mail letting me know I have a package in the staff office of my dormitory.  Talk about a total buzz kill when all I find are junk mail and useless Facebook notifications.  Nonetheless I will sit and wait for this extreme case of fashionably late packaging and I will let all of you know when it is in.  I am sure if you live in my hall you will hear me celebrating.

Until then,

Even though I do not have the dress that doesn't mean I am not still campaigning and talking about trafficking and Rahab's Hideaway!  I would love to talk with you or answer any questions!
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New Donation button is up on this blog!  If you wanna get a head start and donate to Rahab's Hideaway and their efforts towards saving and healing women from the sex trade just give whatever you are comfortable giving! 

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