Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 14,15, & 16!!!! - New York/Massachusetts weekend

Hey everybody!!  I have been traveling around and not getting any internet so I haven't been able to upload any dress pictures for the past couple of days.  I had a great weekend visiting my best friends Alex and Carter.  Thanks for takin care of me guys!

On a sadder note, I couldn't get a picture of the outfit for today (May 1st, Day 16) because I was super rushed in trying to get to the airport, and now that I am here I feel a little awkward asking for someone to take it for me, or me taking it myself, so I apologize.  I can tell you that I am pairing the dress with a tank top provided by my lovely roommate Tiy Orpurt and jean shorts because it's was so nice in Amherst, Massachusetts today! Again, I had a great weekend and got to tell lots of people about the dress and spread the word about human trafficking.

Day 16 - Hartford Conn, Atlanta, Ga, Cols, Oh, and Athens, Oh!!! travel day :)
No Picture :(

Day 15 - Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass.

Day 14 - Central Park!

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